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2012 Results ...

2012 SASS Vermont State Champions:
Island Pond Paul & Three Barrel Chris

2012 SASS VT State Champions:  Island Pond Paul and Three Barrel Chris

Top Guns Overall:
Brett Cantrell - RI and Crystal Creek Chris - NH

Top Guns Overall:  Brett Cantrell and Crystal Creek Chris

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Category Winners:
49er Rootin' Tootin' Tim
Buckaroo Tommy Two Spurs
B-Western Six Shot Steve
Classic Cowboy James Harvey
Cowboy Darksider
Duelist Hawkeye Kid
Elder Statesman Dirty Dan
Frontier Cartridge Half-A-Hand Henri
Frontier Cartridge Duelist Rafe Caradec
Frontier Cartridge Gunfighter Gun E Bear
Frontiersman Doc McCoy
Grande Dame Bonnie Dee
Gunfighter Chelsea Kid
Ladies 49er Crystal Creek Chris
Ladies B-Western Birdie Cage
Cowgirl Raven Maniac
Ladies Duelist Nantucket Dawn
Ladies Gunfighter Emma Goodcook
Ladies Senior Boston Lady
Ladies Silver Senion JB Rebele
Ladies Wrangler Renegade Roper
Ladies Young Gun Penny Candy
Senior Brett Cantrell
Senior Duelist Bear Lee Tallable
Silver Senior Fly Rod
Wrangler Splinter Jack
Young Gun Ludlow Lad

Clean Shooters:
  • Bonnie Dee
  • Doc Savage
  • Half-A-Hand Henri
  • Hawkeye Kid
  • Nantucket Dawn
  • Wild N Wooly

Thanks for coming ... and hope to see you next year!

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