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2014 Results ...

SASS Vermont State Champions:
Island Pond Paul & Three Barrel Chris

2014 SASS Vermont State Champions.

Top Guns Overall:
Jimmy Spurs and Crystal Creek Chris

2014 SASS Vermont State Overall Winners

Overall Results

Category Results

Clean Shoots

Category Winners:
Buckaroo Tommy Two Spurs
Buckarette Kicking Cow Cassidy
Cowboy Black Jack Daniels
Cowgirl Penny Candy
Wrangler Milo Sierra
Ladies Wrangler Renegade Roper
49er Jimmy Spurs
Lady 49er Crystal Creek Chris
Senior Eastern Tenderfoot
Ladies Senior Annabelle Bransford
Silver Senior Oneshot Willtravel
Ladies Silver Senior Tennessee Tall
Elder Statesman Rowdy Bill
Cattle Baron Ike Shotgun McCoy
Cattle Baroness Crackshot Bev
B-Western Spirit Warrior
Ladies B-Western Birdie Cage
Classic Cowboy James Harvey
Duelist Sixgun Schwaby
Ladies Duelist Three Barrel Chris
Senior Duelist Bear Lee Tallable
Ladies Senior Duelist Nantucket Dawn
Frontiersman Doc McCoy
Frontier Cartridge High Springs Drifter
Frontier Cartridge Duelist Callous Clyde
Frontier Cartridge Gunfighter Dead Head
Gunfighter Grazer
Ladies Gunfighter Hawley McCoy

Side Event Winners
 Event  Male  Female  Junior
Wild Bunch - Modern Tommy Behind The Duece Violet Cassidy  
Wild Bunch - Traditional Doc McCoy    
Plainsman Hawkeye Kid    
Long Range - Single Shot Dead Head Shirttail Bess  
Long Range - Single Shot - BP Kid Rich    
Quigley (offhand) Dead Head    
Long Range Lever Rifle - Rifle Caliber Diamond Rustler Shirttail Bess  
Long Range Lever Rifle - Pistol Caliber Deadly Doc Shirttail Bess  
2-stage Warm-up Jimmy Spurs - Smokeless
High Springs Drifter-BP
Renegade Roper Tommy Two Spurs
Speed Rifle Zachoria Spurs Renegade Roper Tommy Two Spurs
Speed Pistol Grazer Renegade Roper Tommy Two Spurs
Speed Shotgun Jimmy Spurs Renegade Roper Tommy Two Spurs

Thanks for coming ... and hope to see you next year!

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