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2016 Results ...

SASS Vermont State Champions:
Spirit Warrior & Josephine McGillicuddy

Top Guns Overall:
Rootin' Tootin' Tim and Crystal Creek Chris

Overall Results

Category Results

Category Winners:
Young Guns Boy Davey The Kidd
Young Guns Girl Lady Dakota
Cowboy Black Jack Daniels
Cowgirl Penny Candy
Wrangler Nutmeg Ryder
Ladies Wrangler Ruby Rae
49er Rootin' Tootin' Tim
Lady 49er Crystal Creek Chris
Senior Eastern Tenderfoot
Ladies Senior Belle Evans
Silver Senior One Eyed Black Jack
Ladies Silver Senior Shirttail Bess
Elder Statesman Dirty Deadeye Don
Cattle Baron Bear Lee Tallable
Cattle Baroness Crackshot Bev
B-Western Spirit Warrior
Classic Cowboy Buckskin Ranger
Duelist Cowboy Spanky
Ladies Duelist Nanny Oakley
Senior Duelist Matchlock
Ladies Senior Duelist Nantucket Dawn
Frontiersman Doc McCoy
Frontier Cartridge Splinter Bill
Frontier Cartridge Duelist Gun E Bear
Gunfighter Grazer
Ladies Gunfighter Hawley McCoy

Side Event Winners
 Event  Male  Female  Junior
Wild Bunch - Modern Dillon Van Cleef Shirttail Bess Goodwing
Wild Bunch - Traditional Doc McCoy    
Plainsman Doc McCoy    
Long Range - Single Shot Windjammer Emma Goodcook  
Long Range - Single Shot - BP Wagon Box Willy    
Long Range Lever Rifle - Rifle Caliber Rancho Roy    
Long Range Lever Rifle - Pistol Caliber Chelsea Kid    
Warm-up - Traditional Rootin Tootin Tim Crystal Creek Chris Goodwing
Warm-up - Duelist Grazer Nanny Oakley  
Warm-up - Gunfighter Grazer Miss Patty  
Warm-up - Black Powder High Springs Drifter    
Speed Rifle Grazer Crystal Creek Chris  
Speed Pistol Grazer Crystal Creek Chris  
Speed Shotgun - Pump Grazer Crystal Creek Chris  
Speed Shotgun - Double Nutmeg Ryder    
Speed Shotgun - 1887 lever Kid Rich    

Thanks for coming ... and hope to see you next year!

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