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Vendor space at Green Mountain Mayhem is being offered at no cost, in return for gift certificate(s), or merchandise for door prizes. As noted above, any non-cash donations must be cowboy/western or shooting-related. Reserve your space early. Priority for electrical hookups will be given to those vendors requiring it to conduct their business.

In addition to the vendor space, we will list your company in the Green Mountain Mayhem Shooter's Handbook and/or a web or e-mail link to your company will be included on our web site as well until the end of the year.

All funds and merchandise collected from you will be utilized solely for the purpose of providing prizes for the competitors. These prizes will be awarded through raffles, drawings, and other non-competitive events providing everyone an opportunity to take home a valuable and memorable gift from the shoot.

If you are interested in being a vendor at our event, please read and complete the Vendor Info Sheet/Registration Form and return it to the address on the form at your earliest convenience.

All vendors will be expected to abide by the following:

  1. Vendors may set up between 9 AM and 5 PM Thursday or between 9 AM and 5 PM Friday. No vendors will be allowed to set up after that time. Vendors that are not able to set up during these hours must make prior arrangements.
  2. Vendors are to check in at the clubhouse to pick up their registration packets between 9 AM and 5 PM on Friday.
  3. Any vendor who wishes to shoot in the event must submit a separate Shooter Entry Form with the necessary shooter fees.
  4. Verdant Mountain Vigilantes reserves the right to require all vendor vehicles to be removed from Sutler's Row during the event.
  5. Vendors will be responsible for providing their own tent, tables and/or chairs.
  6. No alcoholic beverages may be consumed until all firearms have been put away for the day and the range is officially closed.
  7. Vendors must be dressed in appropriate country/western or period correct attire.
  8. Any music played onsite must be country/western or period correct.
  9. Vendors may not begin to tear down before 2 PM on Sunday without permission from Doc McCoy.
  10. Cash and merchandise to fulfill the vendor agreement must be sent to the appropriate address as specified above by no later than the date specified.
Neither the Caledonia Forest & Stream Club nor the Verdant Mountain Vigilantes assume any responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged items.

Contact Andy Squires (phone: 802-363-7162) or via e-mail to with any questions.

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